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How To Make Up Her Mood For Great Sex

Posted on October 8, 2017 in Adult by

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Sex life usually wanes down after marriage due to added responsibilities of looking after home and hearth. The birth of kids and other commitments make women go slow on sex. Menopause and other hormonal changes also effect women. But a man may see it as a indifference to his needs because as a girlfriend she was was so besotted by his charm and craved for sex with him. The change after marriage is hard for the man to comprehend.

The emotional and physical needs of a women and men are different and the way they perceive it is also different too. When a women is undergoing menopause she may not like to have sex. But here are other ways of being physical such as caressing each other or massaging each other. Cuddling each other and spending more time with each other. If this doesn’t work a gynaecologist and a sex therapist will definitely help counsel your wife.

Healthy sex

You whine about your workload and life turns and financial situations, it’s a big turn down for women and they feel you are too tired for any intimacy and they will not initiate any love sessions. When you come back from work, give her a peck on the cheek and hug and make her comfortable as she makes you when you come home and then let the night wear on to nice love session.

Women throughout their life feel conscious about their bodies and this makes them be hesitant about having sex. The weight fluctuations also deter her to undress in front of you. But keep paying her compliments about she is so good looking and how you can take eyes of her. Try to give her loving looks whenever she dresses for you, this way she will feel wanted and compliment her often.

Women are afraid to be vulnerable and they don’t let their guard down while having sex. This makes sex below par for the couple. As the wife may be motionless while having sex or just holding back having fun. This makes the husband wonder if he is not good in bed. The men should let their better halves know they are as much in vulnerable too and there is no harm in showing their fears and other emotions and conveying them to their partner will strengthen bonds and this transparency will lead to better sex lives.